We are working to combat sex trafficking and bring restoration to victims of forced prostitution in Germany. 


For our German website, visit us at www.thejusticeproject.de



We have opened an outreach café which is located in close proximity to Red Light District, an area where women are standing in the windows to be sold for prostitution. The Café gives us a platform to build friendships with the women, present them with life alternatives and connect them to the vital professional care they often need. Through this location, we are able to host a variety of events and courses that the women can participate in. Here's just a few examples of what we offer: language courses, beauty and wellness events, jewelry making courses, and international cooking nights, where the women have a chance to create and share favorite dishes from their home countries. 



Interested in a 3 month internship program where you can have first-hand experience in combating Human Trafficking in a European context? Our internship program offers a range of experience in the diverse activities involved within the field of anti-trafficking work. Please fill out the form field below to apply.

  • Winter: Sep. - Dec.
  • Spring: Feb. - Apr.
  • Summer: June - Aug.



Members of our team participated in consultation training for our Recovery and Safe House Programs from the SA Foundation Canada. The programs they offer have been effectively impacting the lives of survivors of sexual exploitation and forced prostitution for over 25 years!

For information about the SA Foundation please visit their website at: