We offer help to those who desire to come out of the lifestyle and work of prostitution by providing them with a Safe House to live in and a Recovery Program. The Safe House provides a place for the women to live independently in a supportive context and our Recovery Program allows them to deal with the trauma of their past, while preparing them practically for their future. The program is delivered in phases and addresses important issues such as learning to engage in healthy relationships, improving their quality of life, increasing their level of education and so on. The end goal of the program is for the women to begin a new, sustainable career and transition into fully independent living.

Intervention is a critical part of combating Human Trafficking. One of the hardest statistics to swallow is that only 1% of Human Trafficking victims are ever identified. Intervention is the essential work of going to the places where Trafficking flourishes and identifying those who are being held against their will. The majority of our intervention work is done by reaching out to women working in some form of sex work, primarily prostitution. Through innovative strategies and dynamic relationship building, we have seen great success in connecting with the women ensnared in the sex industry. 

However, successful victim identification isn't always enough. While there are victims desperately seeking someone to provide a way of escape for them, other times it requires more. A girl who's been coerced by her boyfriend, for example, may have resolved that she needs to continue working in the sex industry, even though she despises it, for the sake of her relationship with him. She may not know that he is making money off of her behind her back or that he is manipulating her into giving him her money. She must come to a place of self-identification and then make the brave decision to leave the man that has been controlling her. For this reason, another large part of intervention involves educating them about Human Trafficking and empowering them to have the courage it takes to leave. We recognize that 99% of trafficking victims aren’t identified because there is little effective intervention happening in the dark places where people are being used as commodities. The Justice Project endeavors to make a difference by going into those places and reaching out in love!

Along with going into the places where women are being prostituted, our intervention also takes place through our Drop-in Café, which is located in close proximity to a concentrated prostitution district. The Drop-In Café creates a platform for friendships to develop with our staff, allows for the opportunity to present the women with other life options and connections them to the vital professional care they often need.

Awareness and Prevention

The awareness and prevention work that we do is focused on communicating to people about issues related to sex trafficking and takes place in the form of presentations, trainings and seminars.

Check out our "Making of" film to get a closer look at how we made our short image film and also get a little window into the work we do: