Dear Friends and Supporters of The Justice Project,

Five years ago our lives were changed forever when we said goodbye to our families and friends and moved to pioneer a work focused on combatting Human Trafficking in Germany's legalized sex industry.

As the founders, we had a big task ahead of us in raising funds for the expenses of helping the women in our care as well as our personal salary. As an organization, we adopted a model where staff members are responsible to raise their own salaries through a relationship based support network. This enabled us to utilize the returns of fundraisers and general support directly toward our Programs and toward maintaining our low Administrative overhead costs. 

While we desire to one day be large enough to bear the funding burden for our employees, the current model has helped us save money toward our own Safe House, get our Outreach Café / Organization Headquarters, and establish a well functioning, well respected operating base in Germany. We aim to maintain transparency with our donors by releasing annual reports for our organization so that you can see the effectiveness of your donation. Look for the first release on our website in the first quarter of 2016!!

At this time, we are looking to expand our personal support network and shore up the deficiencies in the funding that comes in to cover our personal support. The German government requires that our family receive a minimum of $48,500 / year ($4041/month) to cover the most basic costs of living here in Germany. To date for 2015, we have been short roughly $400/month of the minimum requirement and would like to invite you to consider joining our personal support network to meet this need.

As a member of our personal support network, you are enabling us to advance The Justice Project as a whole without having to focus extra time, travel and effort on raising funds to cover our salary. Standing with us in this way has encouraged our volunteers who desire to join us at a staff level to build their own support system. Although this method is not widely known here, it has been effective for those who have taken that step.

With the launch of our revised website, financial partners are now given the option to designate their donations to the following categories:

  • General Account - Giving to the General Account funds the following categories:
    • Victim identification / relocation services
    • Aftercare / Recovery Program costs
    • Awareness initiatives 
    • Administrative / fundraising costs
    • Outreach Café expenses
    • Safe House Expenses
  • Safe House - This option allows you to donate specifically to the ongoing expenses of our Safe House. 
  • Staff Designation - Please indicate the name of the staff member you desire to financially support.  

Those wishing to join our personal support network can select the Staff Designation option and indicate "SHRUM" in the memo. 

We hope these new options will make it easier for those of you considering a partnership with us on any level to give with more clarity and confidence. Thank you for your consideration in partnering with us. We value your trust and are excited to share with you further about how your partnership continues to impact the fight against Human Trafficking. 

Take care,