Sold at the age of 17 for $1300 by a family friend, she was forced to prostitute herself to make money for her captors. For 2 long years she was moved from city to city, made to service men in bushes and the back of cars. She found herself living an unimaginable nightmare. After escaping, our team relocated her to a safe place and connected her to the police who pursued her captors. Today, she is free. 

On the other side of town, enslavement in sex trafficking is just as real but has a different form...

After being lied to by a man who pledged to marry her, this girl who had been sexually abused at a young age agreed to prostitute herself to support them financially. The promise of only having to do this for six weeks turned into six years. And even though he eventually left her, she was stuck in the destructive cycle of a life in prostitution, desperately hoping someone would come and make a way out for her. Through the help of our team, she has broken free from this deadly lifestyle and is on the road to restoration. 

Both of these stories represent the reality of forced prostitution in Germany and the opportunity that we have to help the women in a very real way. 



Simply explained, Sex Trafficking is when a sex act of any form (prostitution, stripping, pornography, etc.) is caused to happen by force, fraud, or coercion and is done in exchange for money. 

In the world of Germany's legalized system of prostitution, proving sex trafficking is nearly impossible, relying solely on the women who have been abused, lied to, or pressured to speak up about their situation. Once traffickers or pimps effectively bring their victims into the system of legalized prostitution, keeping them there takes minimal effort. The women remain stuck in the destructive cycle of a lifestyle of prostitution. The possibilities of financial gain plays a foundational role, causing the women to risk more of themselves in an attempt to have their needs met and/or their debts paid off. These risks expose them to increasingly dangerous situations, damaging them physically and psychologically, destroying their self worth.

Pimps focus their efforts on further perpetuating this cycle by giving the women false hopes of a better life and empty promises of a future together. Most traffickers are aware of the power that these forces have in the lives of the women they target and do not always have to continue forcing and threatening the women in order to keep them there. These are the chains that cannot be seen and the majority of women caught in Sex Trafficking are bound by them.